Delta 46-460 12.5" Midi Lathe

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The 46-460 includes 6 in. and 10 in. Tool Rest, spur center, Chrome 3 in. Face Plate, tool rest base, Knockout Bar, live center, wrenches.

Powerful 1 HP max, 1,725 RPM Motor
Large 12 1/2 in. swing capacity provides the largest capacity in its class
Electronic Variable Speed with three-pulley speed ranges provide the required speeds needed to turn a project without changing belt position
Forward and Reversing function allows the turner to achieve a superior finish. Sanding a turned piece with the grain causes the wood fibers to lay down and remain rough. Sanding a turned piece against the grain will cut the wood fibers smooth. Rotating the turned piece in both directions is the way to achieve this super smooth finish. With our competitors the turner would need to remount the work piece backward to achieve this dual rotation. This is time consuming and often impossible. With the Delta 46-460 it is a simple flip of the switch.
Patented belt tensioning system for easy and quick speed changes and sets the belt at the correct tension every time for maximum power transfer and longer tool life
6 groove belt provides superior power to turn large objects
Indexing pin to lock the head stock spindle in 24 different locations for fluting and other decorative applications
All cast-iron construction provides stability and is extremely durable
Over Headstock On/Off switch provides easy in use access
Ball-bearing live center
Includes 3 in. face plate, 6 in. tool rest and 10 in. tool rest. Turning long spindles require either a longer tool rest or the user to continually move the short tool rest. Turning short work requires a short spindle; the long spindle will not allow the turner to get close enough to the piece.
On board storage for easy access to adjustment tools
Heavy-duty, steel knockout bar

Motor: 1 HP max, 120V, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
Motor Control: Electronic Variable Speed
Speed: 250-700, 600-1,800 and 1,350-4,000 RPM
Swing Over Bed: 12 1/2 in.
Swing Over Base: 9 9/16 in.
Distance between Centers: 16 1/2 in.; with Extension: 42 in.
Drive Spindle: 1 in.-8 RH TPI Thread
Drive Spindle through Hole: 15/32 in.
Head and Tailstock Taper: #2 MT
Tailstock through Hole: 13/32 in. self-ejecting
Tailstock Spindle Travel: 2 1/4 in.
Tool Rest: 6 in. and 10 in.
Length: 36 in.
Width: 11 in.
Height: 17 3/4 in.
Weight: 97 lbs.

Includes: 12.5" Variable-Speed Midi Lathe, Midi-Lathe Stand, Midi-Lathe Bed Extension, Midi-Lathe Modular Stand Extension, Reversible NOVA G3-D Woodturning Chuck, 6" Tool Rest, 10" Tool Rest, Tool Rest Base, 3" Chrome Face Plate, Spur Center, Live Center, Knockout Bar, Wrenches

WOOD magazine review

Delta brings the power

Review Summary

This lathe was deemed co-Top Tool of our test of six variable-speed 12" midi-lathes (Dec. 2015, issue 230). It delivered lots of power, even when I made demanding cuts hogging off material in hard maple. The toolrest, banjo, tailstock, and quill adjusted easily and locked securely, but you have to be careful because there’s a pinch-point between the toolrest locking handle and the banjo.
A rotating handle on the quill handle makes adjusting and drilling easy, the stopped keyway prevents overextending the quill when drilling deep holes, and a scale marked in sixteenths of an inch helps when drilling shallow holes. The tailstock locking handle is positioned at an odd height, which makes removing the tailstock with one hand difficult. The centers were aligned at the headstock but the tailstock had 0.006” of play on the bed at about 17” between centers and 0.011” at the maximum 19”. The headstock indexing system works well, with each position numbered to facilitate indexing multiple combinations. The lathe wobbles slightly when sitting on the bench but securing it with clamps eliminated the vibration. I did not care for the location of the switch and speed-control dial (above and behind the headstock) because I felt unsafe reaching over a spinning bowl. But I didn’t have to worry about accidentally bumping them while turning. The forward and reverse switch (located next to the power switch) was poorly labeled, making it difficult to determine which location it was positioned in before starting the lathe. Speeds are easily adjusted within each range, but the dial delivered inaccurate speeds (off by about 50 rpms) according to the speed chart posted below it. Changing speed ranges proved more difficult, despite easy access to both upper and lower pulleys, because the motor lacks significant up-and-down movement to remove most of the tension from the belt. There is an adjustment for tension but it has little effect on how much the motor is raised for belt changes. I like that this lathe comes equipped with both 6” and 10” toolrests for turning longer spindles and reaching into deep bowls. But with a 5/8” post, the 10” rest flexes enough to cause chatter while making heavy cuts. The supplied 3” faceplate will accommodate #12 screws, and was the only faceplate in our test to feature countersunk holes on the bottom, helping it to seat flat against a bowl blank. Overall, I was confident turning most any project on the Delta. —Tested by Brian Simmons, WOOD turning expert

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