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Made from durable 304 grade Stainless Steel this tool is available specially designed for pen turning, at a comfortable 4" tool body length and a 2" tang, this Lil Chucky will accept your choice of 2 different inserts, it will take the standard 15 x 15 x 2.5 mm with a 4" radius or the great new 15x 15 x 2.5 mm with a 2" radius for smoother contouring

This wild beast devours wood, aluminum, copper, brass, reprocessed stone, and real alabaster.

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Best turning chisel EVER!

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This chisel is not just for turning pens! It stays sharp for a very long time; and when it does get dull, just loosen the screw, rotate the insert 90 degrees, tighten the set screw, and now you have a very sharp tool! I turn between 75 - 100 pens a month, have been using the Pen Pro for two months, and have yet had to rotate the insert. It is stout enough to turn bowls, plates, cups, etc. I am really pleased with the Pen Pro and plan on buying more of their products.
They are much cheaper than all the others.

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