Rockler Carbide Mini Turning Tool 3-Piece Set

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Rockler's Mini Carbide Turning Tools feature a replaceable and rotatable cutter that eliminates the hassle and downtime of sharpening. Simply rotate the carbide cutter for a fresh, sharp edge, and replace it once all available edges have grown dull. The solid carbide cutting edges stay sharper, longer when compared to steel. The handles are turned from fine, solid ash, and are ergonomic with molded rubber that enhances your grip and reduces fatigue.

The tools are available in three cutting profiles: round, square and diamond-shaped. Total overall length of Mini Turning Tools is approximately 13-1/2". Ash handles are 9-1/2" long from the butt of the handle to the top of the stainless steel ferrule. Length of the shaft is approximately 4". Carbide cutters are not interchangeable between the different tools.

Diamond Carbide Mini Turning Tool is ideal for use as a parting tool, and for tight profiles. Overall length of the diamond cutter is 1-1/8". Angle of diamond cutter is approximately 35 degrees.
Square Carbide Mini Turning Tool is ideal for flat or convex areas on spindles and pen turnings. Square cutter is 3/8" square.
Round Carbide Mini Turning Tool is ideal for producing a smooth finish on curved, concave surfaces and for general turning applications. Diameter of the circular cutter is just under 1/2".

WOOD magazine review

Value-priced carbide chisels

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Carbide turning tools are gaining popularity among woodturners and now Rockler offers affordable Mini Carbide Turning Tools sized for mini lathes. Like most carbide turning tools, these scrapers eliminate the fuss of sharpening with replaceable carbide cutters. The three cutter shapes available, (square, round and diamond) each come attached to the tool and are fitted into an ash handle with a rubber coating.
Dull cutters are easily rotated using the included wrench and can be replaced for a moderate price. After I turned numerous projects, the tools showed no obvious signs of wear and continued to cut quickly. The short 9” handles are a bit shorter than I typically prefer but were comfortable to use on small projects. Like most carbide tooling, they lay flat on the toolrest and are easy use. The small radius on the end of the diamond tool doesn’t cut the crisp details I typically put on my turnings and the square cutter doesn’t overhang the tool shank on the right, making it impossible to cut deeper than 3/8” or a deep right-hand shoulder. The round cutter works well for hollowing small boxes, goblets and scoops. For the money, I’d recommend the round and square tools to a beginning turner but would expect you to out- grow them as your skills and projects progress. —Tested by Brian Simmons

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