Lee Valley 9-Piece Turning Chisel Set

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The roughing and spindle gouges, parting tool, and skew chisel are for work between centers. Designed for converting square stock to round, the deep-sweep roughing gouge is equally useful for smoothing cylinders and tapers. The shallow-fluted spindle gouges have blunt fingernail grinds for bead and cove work. The diamond parting tool has relieved edges to reduce friction build-up when working a deep kerf. The side of the oval skew chisel is radiused to glide along the tool rest when cutting beads or pommels.

The bowl gouge and scrapers are used in faceplate work. The deep-fluted bowl gouge has a backswept fingernail grind for a smooth finish on crossgrain. Made from 1/4" bar to resist chatter, the round-nose scraper is for bowls, the square scraper for box work. Each will remove material quickly or take tissue-thin finishing cuts.

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Lee Valley turns up a good value with turning Chisels

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Lee Valley’s nine-piece set of turning chisels will get any turner off to a good start in the hobby—for a reasonable price. The set features a 3/4" roughing gouge; 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" spindle gouges; a 1/2" bowl gouge; a 1" oval skew chisel; a 3/16" diamond parting tool; a 1" square scraper; and a 1" roundnose scraper. There’s also a polyester tool roll for storing or carrying the chisels.
I turned several projects with these tools—big and small bowls, furniture spindles, and drawer pulls—and they performed well after I sharpened each to my satisfaction. I was able to grind the high-speed-steel chisels to create precise cutting edges, and they held those edges throughout prolonged turning better than I expected. The oval-shaped skew proved trickier to sharpen than the flat skews I normally use, but it cuts well once sharp. I appreciate the 15"-long ash handles, but would prefer handles about 3" shorter on the spindle gouges. I find shorter handles better fit my technique when making tight coves and beads. —Tested by Brian Simmons

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