Robert Sorby Patriot 4-Jaw Chuck

WOOD magazine rating
Robert Sorby


* Compact design which does not strain lathe bearings yet is ideal for all sizes of project
* Inserted system so there is a size to fit almost every lathe
* All jaws are perfectly matched so there is no need for number matching
* The single key operation with positive location requires only the lightest of touches
* Key is articulated to allow access behind large projects
* True compression angles on drive and driven gear ensure smooth operation every time
* Jaw stops prevent slides from working loose
* Wide selection of useful jaws give additional versatility
* Jaws dovetailed on inside and outside face
* Additional serrated teeth on jaws give extra grip
* Enclosed back protects gearing against dust
* Backplate is removable for easy maintenance and cleaning
* Comes complete with 2" jaws and screw center

WOOD magazine review

Smooth-adjusting jaws

Review Summary

The heaviest chuck in our test of 10 models, the robust Patriot has the smoothest-operating jaws, although we found the 8"-long T-handle ball-end wrench cumbersome. With more than a dozen accessory jaw sets and spindle adapters, there's almost no turning blank or lathe it can't work with. The chamfered jaw tips require a deeper recess than most chucks to get a good grip.

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