Penn State Lathe Chuck Long Soft Jaw Pins

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Penn State Industries


These long soft jaws will safely and securely hold your turned edge bowls and large diameter cylinders for finishing the bottoms of those turnings. The eight 2.5" long jaws adapt to any PSI Jumbo Jaw set.

WOOD magazine review

LOng pins solve long-standing vessel finishing problem

Review Summary

I turn mostly small hollow vessels in my shop, but I’ve always battled how best to secure them on the lathe while making the finishing cuts on the bottom side. The standard soft jaw pins—usually an inch or so long—on most flat-jaw chucks work great with platters and bowls because the largest diameter is typically on the open end against the chuck. But they’re too short to grab vessels like the one shown near the top of this page.
So I discussed this dilemma with Penn State’s Ed Levy, who promptly made a set of 2-1⁄2"-long jaw pins that fit into my chuck’s jaws. Problem solved. Now I can shape and sand the bottoms and add finish knowing the rubber pins hold the vessels securely and without damaging the finished sides. These Soft Jaw Pins thread into the jaws of Penn State and Oneway chucks; check with Penn State for compatibility with other makes. —Tested by Marlen Kemmet

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