General International Pen-Drilling Vise

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General International


* Self-centering design for quick efficient dead-center pen blank drilling
* Drill pen blanks of up to 1" square
* Drill holes at the exact center of a round object on their width

WOOD magazine review

Pen vise combines speed with accuracy

Review Summary

It’s not often that I get pumped about a pen-turning accessory, but I love General International’s Self-Centering Pen-Drilling Vise! The first step in turning a pen blank to shape is to drill it out to accept an insert, and that’s where I recommend a pen vise. This model, with heavy-duty aluminum construction and a toggle clamp for quick and secure clamping, far outperforms others I’ve used.
After centering the jig on my drill press, I quickly and accurately drilled centered holes through round and square pen blanks. For other woodworking tasks, I used the vise to drill holes in the exact center of round parts up to 11⁄4" in diameter. I found this especially handy for boring holes into the sides of chair legs and stretchers. I’d like to see the manufacturer create a better system for adjusting the jaws for different size stock, though. I had to tighten and loosen them by grasping the threads on the rod by hand, not an easy task when making frequent changes. —Tested by Brian Simmons

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