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The Carter MultiRest is compatible with lathe swing sizes from mini up to 20" with no additional hardware required. The base of the MultiRest has independently adjustable spacer blocks providing a secure fit on lathe beds with way sizes from 1" to 4.5" in width. The unique two-piece design allows the MultiRest to be quickly opened while leaving the base firmly attached to the lathe bed, providing easy access for mounting, sanding, and demounting turnings. Another benefit of the MultiRest is the ability to remove the larger section which allows the smaller section to be used as a bowl rest. The MultiRest is equipped with bearing mounted, non-marring urethane wheels which have a rigid internal ring to prevent sidewall flex, thus providing excellent support.

• Compatible on mini- to full-size lathes
• Can be used as a bowl rest as well as a steady rest
• High strength but low weight

WOOD magazine review

Supports spindles and bowls

Review Summary

It’s not very often that I need a steady-rest but every once in a while one can be invaluable in supporting a delicate turning.
The Carter MultiRest is a universal steady rest that fits nearly any model lathe and adapts to surround a turning, such as a spindle, or support cutting on just one side as a “bowl steady.” I liked the “way spacers” on the base, which adjust to span the gap between the ways of your lathe bed and, once adjusted, keep the MultiRest square to the lathe’s axis along the entire length of the lathe. This made mounting the MultiRest quick and easy for each project. As with most steady-rests, it was difficult to adjust the rollers with equal pressure against the turning. Additionally, because the MultiRest is not specific to the swing of your lathe, I found it challenging to adjust each roller equally angularly. Unique to the MultiRest is a splitting ring which pivots out of the way for sanding or mounting/dismounting. While this feature works on most lathes, it would not work on my Powermatic 4224 because of the width of the lathe bed. The large ring can still be removed, but it must be unbolted rather than pivoted, as intended by the manufacturer. With the large section of the ring removed, the small section becomes a bowl steady, useful in supporting thin-rimmed or thin-walled bowls against cutting forces. Adjusting the rollers on bowls is easier because the angle of contact is less crucial. Since the MultiRest is not lathe specific it may be a good investment to have on hand for an occasional need, however if you frequently find the need for a steady rest, you may find another size specific model tedious to adjust around your turning. —Tested by Brian Simmons

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