Woodmaster 725

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An industrial grade machine that will be the best investment for your shop. A 7.5 HP American made machine that will tackle any planing task that you can throw at it. The pro pack turns the planer into a molder, drum sander, and multi blade rip saw. The photo shows a machine that has the optional indeed and out feed extensions, which are another example of the quality design at Woodmaster, as they automatically adjust to changes in the height of the planer bed. Ingenious.

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Woodmaster 725

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I have used my Woodmaster 725 for about 2 years, after acquiring off of Craigslist, and am amazed at the quality off both the product and the work that it produces. It is a multi-function machine, but I have only used it for planing. With a 25" capacity, I can't begin to find anything that I cannot plane. After studying all of the others, Jet, Powermatic, Delta, Grizzley, etc., I couldn't find a comparable machine.
These machines are made in the US, with US materials, and compare very favorably in the pricing with the "brand" names that are all now made overseas. You buy directly from the manufacturer, and they have promotions that make them very competitive. With a 7.5 hp motor, you will not begin to bog this machine down, and the variable speed feed motor lets you have a super smooth cut that almost eliminates the need to sand. The machine will also mold, drum sand, and multi blade rip saw. At 580 pounds, it is a heavy duty piece of equipment that you will love to use. The dust collection is very efficient, leaving you with easy shop clean up after planing. Just finished planing some 25 year old cherry and walnut, an continue to be amazed at the quality of the output of this machine!

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