Powermatic 5 HP 20" Planer

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This heavy duty planer offers performance and value, loaded with standard features not found on other machines in its class. The powerful 5HP motor and 20" planing capacity will handle the most demanding work. The helical cutterhead provides quieter operation and finer finishing than conventional systems, and the four-sided knife inserts seat themselves without requiring a set-up gauge. The 5" dust port connects easily to any dust collector. The anti-kickback fingers and pressure bar are located in close proximity to the cutterhead for an exceptional finish. The solid cast iron base, table and head are designed for production. The 2-speed oil bath gearbox transmits full power to feed rollers and facilitates fast speed changes at 24 and 31 FPM. The gearbox can be changed to 4-speed with the included gear to run lower speeds of 16 and 20 FPM. The corrugated infeed and fine groove outfeed rollers ensure a smooth feed. The precision ground and polished cast iron table rides on four steel columns giving it plenty of support for the larger workpiece. Heavy cast iron extension wings ensure a flat, smooth cut.

* The Byrd® SHELIX® helical cutterhead with 99 knife inserts provides smoother, quieter cutting and finer finish than conventional systems
* 5 HP motor and 20" planing capacity for heavy duty work
* Fully enclosed base cabinet with integrated casters for shop mobility
* Cast iron table with extensions creates a big 55-1/2" x 20" working area
* Four feed speeds - 24 and 31 FPM, 16 and 20 FPM with gear change - provide versatility
* Feed rollers and cutterhead supported by full cast iron head assembly for rigidity

Standard Equipment:

* Byrd® helical cutterhead with knife inserts
* 5" diameter dust port
* Cast iron extension tables

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Planer performance is great with spiral head!

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I love my Powermatic planer for the amazing smooth finish it produces. The carbide cutters around the spiral cutterhead make it quieter, and do less tearing, and chipping. I used it on some Pecan lumber doing a great job in comparrison to my knife type planer beside it. The only complaint is the small drive belts powering the machine from the motor to the cutterhead, on to the feed rollers. I have had to replace those, and am currently seeking a custom belt to improve the performance.
This is an engineering change that should be made to improve the transfer of power from the motor to the cutterhead. Otherwise I would give a 5 star rating!

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