Makita Benchtop Planer

WOOD magazine rating


• Compact with less weight for easy transporting to the jobsite
• Engineered for faster, easier blade changes
• Low noise (83 dB) for operator comfort
• 4-post design and diagonal cross supports for stability
• Large table extensions to support the workpiece
• Fully adjustable depth stop for repeat cuts
• LED light indicates that the planer is plugged into the power source
• Large and easy-to-operate on/off paddle switch
• Double edge planer blades
• Easily adjustable cutting depth for precision planing
• Detachable tool box for storage of the standard equipment
• Optional dust hood enables dust collection system to be connected to planer

WOOD magazine review

Most compact unit gives great cut quality

Review Summary

High Points: ↑ Its two-knife cutterhead produced superior cut quality. ↑ Infeed and outfeed tables have side-mounted leveling screws, making it easy to all but eliminate snipe. ↑ Auto-locking cutterhead and magnetic tool make knife changes easy. ↑ Its knives showed the longest durability among straight knives and second overall. ↑ At 90 dB no-load, it’s the quietest in the test of 11 planers. Low Points: ↓ No preset thickness stops, and its depth-of-cut gauge lacks a scale.
↓ Dust hood with 3" port is optional (part #193036-7, $25). More Points: → This unit has the narrowest width capacity, out of 11 planers, at 12" (the others are 12-1/2" or 13" wide). → An LED indicator light stays on to alert you that the machine is plugged in.

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