General International M1 Benchtop Planer

WOOD magazine rating
General International
30-010 M1


Powerful 2 hp 15 amp motor with thermal overload protection.
Front and rear fold-down extension tables (12 L x 15 1/4 W) with end rollers for smooth easy stock feeding.
Top mounted rollers for multiple passes.
Convenient power cord storage brackets and inset lifting handles.
Dual position depth of cut adjustment handle mounts left or right – one full rotation equals 1/16”.
Dual feed speeds for smooth planing with either soft or hard wood.
Adjustable preset depth gauge for accurate repeat cuts.
Easy to read graduated scale in both inches and metric.
Safety on/off switch with key. Unit cannot be started when key is removed from switch.
Snipe reducing head lock.
Depth of cut indicator.
Knife changing magnets included.

WOOD magazine review

Snipe limits this machine's performance

Review Summary

High Points: ↑ Height-adjustment handwheel mounts to the top of the unit on either the left or right side, allowing you to locate it to suit your needs. Low Points: ↓ The infeed and outfeed tables have rollers at the ends that are proud of the table surface and are very difficult to adjust, resulting in test-worst snipe we could not control. ↓ Despite two feed speeds, cut quality from the two-knife cutterhead (either speed) was middle-of-the-pack of eleven planers.
↓ When planing stock as thin as 1/8", this machine creates excessive chatter and chews up the workpiece. ↓ Depth-of-cut scale and preset thickness stops proved the most difficult to use. ↓ Dust hood with 4" port is optional (part #30-020, $26). More Points: → Auto-locking cutterhead and magnetic tool make knife changes easy. But you’ll do that more often because this unit’s knives wore quickest in our accelerated wear test.

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