Delta 15" Planer

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Motor: 3 HP, 240V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Motor Control: NA
Max Width of Stock: 15"
Max Thickness of Stock: 6.5"
Minimum Thickness Capacity: 1/8"
Max Depth of Cut: 1/8"
Min Length of Stock: 12"
Feed Rate: 16 FPM, 30 FPM
Number of Knives: 3
Cutterhead Diameter: 3"
Cutterhead Speed15,000 CPM5,000 RPM
Infeed Rolls: Solid Serrated Steel
Outfeed Rolls: Polyurethane
Table Size: 15" x 62.5"
Table Bed Rolls: NA
Chip Chute Opening: 4" and 5"
Height: 26.5"
Width: 28"
Depth: 20.5"
Weight: 340 lbs.

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15" Delta Planer - avoid.

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I bought the Delta 15" planer about 2 years ago. This has been my biggest tool purchase mistake ever. Set up is a real bear. The rollers in the bed create exaggerated snipe so I had to remove them. Even with rollers removed snipe is a problem. There is a lot of play in the height adjustment, very sloppy. One of the handles had a set screw tapped at an angle and does not secure well. I tried to no avail to get Delta to replace it. The unit came packed with lots of grease.
I mean LOTS of grease. To this day I have to keep it on plastic because on hot days it oozes out onto the floor. Adjustments are mickey mouse. Take my advice and avoid this one. If you want a good deal on a used one let me know.

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