Craftsman Benchtop Planer

WOOD magazine rating


• 15-amp universal motor
• Balanced steel cutterhead rotates at 10,000 RPM
• 3-HSS double-edged blades produce 30,000 CPM (cuts per minute)
• Workpiece width: 13"
• Workpiece height: 6"
• Minimum workpiece height: 1/8"
• Reversible blades use index pin alignment for easy blade changes
• 4-Leadscrew design is engineered to help keep rollercase and cutterhead stable to minimize snipe with the use of a cutterhead lock
• Easy to use thickness scales is graduted in 16ths and 1mm increments
• Feed rate: Automatically feeds wood through the planer at 26 FPM
• Indexed preset depth gauge for accurate workpiece sizing - 8 positions: 1/8" to 3/4"
• Rear-mounted dust-collection chute is reversible for left or right operation
• Includes a 2.5" to 4" dust collection port adaptor
• Weight: 94 lbs.
• 1 year warranty
• Included accessories: Blade changing tools, dust collection chute

WOOD magazine review

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Review Summary

High Points: ↑ Auto-locking cutterhead makes knife changes easy with the standard three-knife head. ↑ Preset thickness stops were accurate and needed no adjustment. ↑ The smooth, flat granite table won’t warp. More Points: → The magnetic T-wrench helps lift the knives from the cutterhead, but the magnet also grabs onto the spring-loaded gib plate, which doesn’t come out, making it tricky to free the knives.
→ The dust hood includes 2", 2-1/2" and 4" ports, but the narrow chute chokes a collector using a 4" hose. → The optional segmented cutterhead ($250) features easy-to-change steel square inserts, but the auto lock doesn’t work with it, and we saw no improvement in performance over the three-knife cutterhead.

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