Grizzly 12" Jointer/Planer



This heavy-duty Combination Machine joints and planes using the same 12" cutterhead, saving money and the space required for two individual machines. Conversion from the jointer to the planer is easy. Just remove the quick release fence and flip up the jointer tables. The tables are precision ground flat to a mirror like finish and the fence can be positioned at any angle between 45° and 90° as well as raised, lowered, canted and adjusted along the table. The planer features 2 feed rollers, anti-kickback fingers and thickness scale.

Motor: 5 HP, 220V, single-phase
Amps: 25
RPM: 3450
Jointer table size: 14" x 59.5"
Cutterhead knives: 3
Knife size: 12" x 1" x 1/8"
Cutterhead diameter: 3 1/8"
Cutterhead speed: 5034 RPM
Maximum jointer depth of cut: 1/8"
Maximum width of cut: 12"
Cuts per minute: 15,102
Fence: 5 7/8" x 39 3/8"
Bevel jointing: 0° - 45°
Switch: Magnetic
Power transfer: Twin V-belts
Bearings: shielded and lubricated
Floor to table height: 35.5"
Overall width (side-to-side): 59 5/8"
Overall depth (front-to-back): 41.25"
Dust port size: 4"
Planer feed rate: 22 FPM
Maximum planer depth of cut: 1/8"
Maximum planer cutting height: 8"
Planer table size: 12.25" x 23 1/8"
Weight: 734 lbs.

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