Grizzly 10" Jointer/Planer



There’s no better way to ensure flat, dimensionally accurate wood than to face one side on the jointer and then surface plane the other side in the planer. This machine does it all with a 10" capacity that’s wide enough to handle most situations. Easy conversion back and forth eliminates the need for two dedicated machines, saving floor space and money! Simply raise the jointer outfeed table, flip the dust hood over and plane away. Other features include finely serrated cast iron tables and aluminum fence, 2-piece stand, and fully adjustable fence and guard. This machine is a real pleasure to own & operate.

Motor: 2.5 HP, 220V, single-phase, 9.9 Amps, 3,400 RPM
Jointer table size: 12.5" x 40 15/16"
Cutterhead knives: 2 HSS
Knife size: 10.25" x 11/16" x 1/8"
Cutterhead diameter: 2 9/32"
Cutterhead speed: 6,500 RPM
Maximum depth of cut: 1/8" (jointer), 3/16" (planer)
Maximum width of cut: 10.25" (jointer), 9.75" (planer)
Maximum planer cutting height: 8.25"
Planer feed rate: 16 FPM
Planer table size: 9.75" x 23 1/8"
Cuts per minute: 13,000
Fence: 5 7/8" x 35 7/16"
Bevel jointing: 0° - 45°
Power transfer: Poly V-belt
Floor to table height (jointer): 33.75"
Dust port size: 4"
Overall dimensions: 46" x 27" x 38"
Weight: 378 lbs.

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