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The Micro Jig® GRR-RIP BLOCK™ features the amazing Green GRR-RIP® nonslip material to take command over your workpiece as never before. Smart Gravity Heel™ hooks grab the end of your workpiece or float above the material surface. GRR-RIP BLOCK gives you improved control for freehand routing while keeping your hands clear and safe. Add the optional MJ Deflector/Connector accessory for the ultimate protection against flying debris.

Works with jointers, bandsaws, router tables, shapers and table saws

Unique nonslip material grips your material surface for precise control

Gravity actuated hooks drop down automatically to grab the end of a board

Hooks instantly retract when the pushblock grips a material surface

90° flip guide for resawing on bandsaws or vertical milling on the router table

WOOD magazine review

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Review Summary

I’ve used Micro Jig’s GRR-Ripper pushblock for years—I never make a tablesaw ripcut without it. And I’m just as keen on these similar pushblocks for use on other machines, such as a jointer, bandsaw, or router table. The GRR-Rip Blocks have the same heavy plastic handle and base, plus a rubbery grip pad pocked with round nodules for a sure grab on any workpiece. I like the drop-down catches at each heel, providing a way to also hook the end of a workpiece.
These catches also lock in the “up” position when not needed. —Tested by Bob Hunter, Tools Editor

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