Deulen Jointer & Planer Knife-Sharpening Jigs

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Deulen Tools
6" Jig


* Easy-to-use
* Superior to professional sharpening service
* Saves time and money
* How-to video included

WOOD magazine review

Jig lets you quickly touch up dull or nicked knives

Review Summary

Because it costs about 75 cents per inch to sharpen steel jointer and planer knives, I tend to wait longer than I should between sharpenings. But with Deulen Tools’ knife-sharpening jig I can hone those knives myself. After three or four sharpenings the jig has paid for itself in the savings. This jig holds two knives at a 90° angle to each other, bevel edge down, while you stroke it back and forth across an abrasive surface.
(I used 120- and 320-grit self-adhesive sandpaper on float glass.) Don’t worry if the angle doesn’t match your knives’ existing angle: this process creates a sharp edge similar to a secondary (or “micro”) bevel many woodworkers use on chisels and plane irons. It doesn’t take long to get a sharp edge with this jig: I honed four worn knives in about 15 minutes. It gets tricky when you have three knives, because the jig only sharpens in pairs. So what I did was take equal numbers of strokes for each knife, swapping out one at a time in intervals of 20 strokes. If your planer has resharpenable knives, then go for the 12" jig. It will sharpen knives up to 15" long, and also can hold 6" jointer knives. If your planer uses disposable knives, then get the jig that most closely matches your jointer’s knives. --Tested by Bob Hunter

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