Sommerfeld's 3-In-1 Pocket Cutter

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This jig can be used by begineers or professionals alike. With the large, powerful toggle clamp, placing and holding your stock firmly in position couldn't be easier. The jig also comes with two separate drill guides that can be easily swapped out for different thicknesses of stock-the small guide works with 3/4" stock and the large guide works with 1-1/2" stock.
Each guide has hardened steel bushings with a lifetime warranty against wearing. Each drill guide incorporates a rare earth magnet for attaching the drill guide to a clamp for portable pocket hole joinery.

WOOD magazine review

Great for two most common wood thicknesses

Review Summary

This aluminum jig can be used on a benchtop, or remove the drill guide blocks for use clamped directly to the workpiece. It works great both ways. It comes with two guide blocks, one for 3/4"-thick wood with the guide holes set 5/8" apart; and the other for 1-1/2"-thick wood with the guide holes 1" apart. Each guide block has a magnet built in so the included locking pliers will hold fast to them during portable use, a handy feature.
The toggle clamp worked well at holding workpieces in the jig, but adjusting it took trial-and-error tinkering to get the right tension. The drill bit cut clean, precise holes longer than most jigs.

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