Kreg Foreman Electric Pocket-Hole Machine

Kreg Tool


If your production needs have outpaced our manual jigs, but you’re not quite ready for a heavy-duty production machine, the Foreman is just what the contractor ordered. It features single-step operation for simplicity and speed, swing stops for production repeatability, and a durable design which is perfect for any jobsite or small shop.

This Foreman features a rugged 3/4 HP, single-phase, electric motor so you can take your work on the road. Anywhere you can get to a standard 110v outlet, you’ve got high speed Pocket-Holes on demand!

Simple Operation
Operation of the Foreman couldn’t be simpler; one pull – one perfect Pocket-Hole.Other Pocket-Hole Machines require you to take the time to clamp your workpiece manually, but the hands-free clamping of the Foreman saves you that step, greatly increasing productivity.

Reliable, One-Step Drilling
Just position the wood and pull the lever. The automatic clamp secures the workpiece and the 3/8” stepped bit drills the Pocket-Hole in one smooth operation. In just seconds, you’re ready to drill another workpiece.

Materials up to 1-1/2” Thick
The Foreman quickly adjusts from the top side of the machine to position a screw in material from 1/2” up to 1-1/2” thick. Drill everything from drawer boxes to face-frames and deck material using this one machine.

Swing Stops
The one-step drilling isn’t the only thing that speeds production. The material positioning stops allow you to place Pocket-Holes precisely across a workpiece, yet swing out of the way when not needed, such as drilling across the length of a panel.

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