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The innovative design allows you to create pocket hole joints with accuracy and relative ease. Made of heavy duty aluminum, the Jig can be mounted to a bench for stationary use and also includes a clamping system for when portability is desired. A great choice for building cabinets, furniture or other high precision woodworking endeavors. Includes free DIY project plans.

For making professional style pocket hole joints with ease:
• Makes flush, corner and angle pocket hole joints
• Can be used a portable or bench mounted jig
• Heavy duty aluminum body with hardened steel drill bushings

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The General Tools jig started life as the Simp'l Products jig, and comes with only the aluminum jig, drill bit, stop collar, hex wrench, and driver bit. The jig can be mounted to a substrate or clamped directly to a workpiece; it works the same either way. The jig lacks any type of adjustment for different workpiece thickness: You drill the same hole spacing (1" on center) unless you reposition the jig for each hole.
And the thumbscrew "clamp" requires lots of turns when going from a thin board to a thick one, and if you overtighten it you'll likely leave a dimple on the wood. There are no markings on the jig for lining up on a workpiece, so you have to eyeball it. The included drill bit dulled quicker than all the others, resulting in tear-out around the pocket holes.

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