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Our hand-clamped boring jig drills a 35mm hole and two aligning 8mm holes at the same setting, which allows you to accurately install your hinges with ease and speed. No screwdriver is needed to install, just a hammer to lightly tap the hinges in place. The hinges have special plastic inserts around screws which stay embedded in wood; hinge can then be unscrewed if needed while finishing etc. The jig has adjustable stops which allow for different overlays. We use setting number 2 for 1/2" overlay, number 3 for 3/8" overlay. The cast aluminum alloy frame also incorporates a dept-adjustable carbide-tipped 35mm bit with spurs for clean holes in solid wood, veneers or melamine. The Easy Bore is a strong, versatile unit for shops of all sizes!

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Make quick euro-hinge bores with this Jig

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The Easy Bore Hinge-Boring Jig takes all the guesswork out of aligning and drilling the holes for European-style cup hinges. I simply selected the adjustable spacing bumpers inside the jig for the correct offset from the stile edge, placed the jig onto the door, and locked it in place. Each of the hex-head bolts on the jig turns a drill bit inside: the center one bores the 35mm cup hole, and the others the 8mm holes for plastic screw bushings.
Install the included socket driver in a drill and bore all three holes. Or, to drill holes for standard screws instead of bushings, simply tap the outer screw bits to indent the wood, remove the jig, and drill with the appropriate bit. It’s remarkably simple and accurate. —Tested by Matt Seiler

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