I use pocket-hole joinery in the cabinets I build, so I’ve tried many ways to hold cabinet parts while driving the screws to secure the joints.
Leave it to the folks at Kreg—who invented the pocket-hole jig—to come up with the ideal solution. The Kreg Klamp Table marries locking-pliers clamps with a precision right-angle setup of T-track and custom stops. The stops, set up for workpiece widths of 11⁄2", 2", 21⁄2", or 3", ensure that mating workpieces (such as face frames) get clamped with equal force while being held at a 90° angle. I had no trouble mating 21×32" and 28×36" face frames, but a 38×72" face frame required extra support. (The table measures 21-3⁄4×33-3⁄4".) Glue squeeze-out doesn’t stick to the plastic-laminated MDF top. While assembling a white-oak frame, I purposely let excess glue squeeze out onto the table surface, then clamped it overnight. The next day, I only had to tap the glue lightly to break it loose. My only gripe with this table: If you need to move a clamp, and it’s between stops, you have to pull one stop out of the slot to remove the clamp. I like the adjustable-height steel-leg stand (#KRS1030, $150) with locking casters (#PRS3090, $60) that enable me to move it easily. But you also can get just the top with the T-track, stops, and clamps and use it on your workbench. —Tested by Randy Zimmerman



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