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The Ultimate Clamping Solution by Kreg Tool Company! Stop working around your clamps and start working with them. The Klamp Trak allows you to position your Bench Klamp and Klamp Blocks anywhere and everywhere you might need them. Remove them to regain your flat work surface. The Kreg Bench Klamp, with Inter-Lok Technology, is great for almost any woodworking task. It slides across the Klamp Trak, rotates 360 degrees, and locks into place wherever you need it most. The Klamp Blocks allow you to quickly and easily bring your projects into alignment, while at the same time centering your Bench Klamp on the joint line. This helps to ensure a perfectly flush Pocket-Screw joint, every time. The Klamp Table has a durable work surface made from glue-resistant melamine. This large 21" x 33" work surface is perfect for sanding, sawing, drilling, routing, and almost any other woodworking task. The Klamp Table has a rigid foundation. The universal steel stand is the ultimate foundation for the Klamp Table. Adjustable from 31" - 36", this incredibly rigid stand also includes levelers to compensate for your imperfect floor. Add Kreg Heavy-Duty Casters for additional mobility.

WOOD magazine review

Clamping table makes pocket-hole joinery easier

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I use pocket-hole joinery in the cabinets I build, so I’ve tried many ways to hold cabinet parts while driving the screws to secure the joints. Leave it to the folks at Kreg—who invented the pocket-hole jig—to come up with the ideal solution. The Kreg Klamp Table marries locking-pliers clamps with a precision right-angle setup of T-track and custom stops.
The stops, set up for workpiece widths of 11⁄2", 2", 21⁄2", or 3", ensure that mating workpieces (such as face frames) get clamped with equal force while being held at a 90° angle. I had no trouble mating 21×32" and 28×36" face frames, but a 38×72" face frame required extra support. (The table measures 21-3⁄4×33-3⁄4".) Glue squeeze-out doesn’t stick to the plastic-laminated MDF top. While assembling a white-oak frame, I purposely let excess glue squeeze out onto the table surface, then clamped it overnight. The next day, I only had to tap the glue lightly to break it loose. My only gripe with this table: If you need to move a clamp, and it’s between stops, you have to pull one stop out of the slot to remove the clamp. I like the adjustable-height steel-leg stand (#KRS1030, $150) with locking casters (#PRS3090, $60) that enable me to move it easily. But you also can get just the top with the T-track, stops, and clamps and use it on your workbench. —Tested by Randy Zimmerman

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