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This Spline Jig was designed for the tablesaw to save you time and help you safely create strong, decorative joints. Used when making fine furniture, picture frames and boxes, spline joints are one of the most beautiful methods of joinery used in woodworking. You can use contrasting wood tones or various spline thicknesses to create decorative accents. Spline joints are not only attractive but they feature extra gluing surfaces when compared to a plain joint, making them one of the strongest joints you can make.

The jig measures 12" W x 24" L and features an embedded t-track with two stop blocks. Use both stop blocks to sandwich and cut splines in narrow projects, one stop block to clamp and index cuts on medium sized projects or remove both stop blocks for larger projects such as boxes. The base of the jig is made from durable 1/2" HDPE which creates a smooth, non-marring surface that slides easily across your table saw top. The adjustable 18" miter bar will fit in any standard 3/4" miter slot.

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Done-right spline joints made easy

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This jig, made of a high-density plastic, assembles easily and fits any tablesaw with a 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot. It works exactly as promised, turning out easily repeatable spline joints in almost size box or frame. The stopblocks slide smoothly in the T-track, lock solidly, and trap stock perfectly. The only "downside" to this jig is its cost: $120 is a lot to pay for a jig you can make yourself from about $15 of plywood, plus $20 or so for the hardware.

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