Veritas Doweling Jig

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Lee Valley
Veritas 05J08.01


The movable bush carrier comes with 3 hardened steel bushings: 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8". Other sizes are available. All turnings are solid brass. Machined parts are anodized aluminum.

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Veritas Doweling Jig

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If it's been several years since you've used a doweling jig, you might remember them being inaccurate and the clamps unreliable. So you might be surprised at the sturdy and precise (yet affordable) extruded-aluminum jig that comes out of the box. The Veritas 05J08.01 references off one face, so any difference in workpiece thickness won't show up on the good face of the joint.
You can intentionally offset a workpiece up to 1/4" by rotating the micrometer-style dials, which move that reference face 1/32" for each full turn. And the brass indexing pin allows you to step-and-repeat your way down the edge of a long board by dropping the pin through the jig into a previously drilled hole. Three drill guides - for 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" dowels - come with the jig. Two limitations: The Veritas jig can't be used to join the end or edge of a board to the face of another board, such as when pinning shelves into a case. And second, its maximum 1" capacity prevents work in thick stock.

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