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Mortise Pal
Mortise Pal


* A key feature of the jig is its simplicity. Mortise Pal uses interchangeable templates and a template guide bushing to guide your plunge router. Centerline indicators allow you to accurately locate the mortise on your stock, and the stop system ensures 100% repeatability. Accessory templates can be used to make perfectly spaced multiple mortises and even multiple dowel joints using your plunge router.

* You can use the jig for any traditional mortising application, like mortising in table legs or frame stiles. Or you can use the jig with Mortise Pal Loose Tenon Stock as a complete mortise and tenon joinery solution.
You can make mortises that are accurately sized, accurately located and repeatable, with a tool that is extraordinarily easy to use and is exceptionally well made!

* Mortise Pal Loose Tenon Stock is made from Hard Maple and is milled to tight tolerances for a perfect fit. Stronger than biscuits or dowels and available in a variety of sizes, Mortise Pal Loose Tenon Stock ensures a joint that is strong as well as easy to construct.

* Mortise Pal is beautifully made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel and polycarbonate materials and is 100% CNC-machined to exacting tolerances for the ultimate in accuracy.

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Mortise Pal Router Mortising Jig

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Like any good woodworkers, we prefer to use mortise-and-tenon joints when possible to achieve maximum strength. But setting up and machining these joints can be time-consuming, so we're always looking for ways to speed up the process. As an alternative to setting up a hollow chisel mortiser, we've used many shop-made jigs with a plunge router. But that’s one more thing to have to make, and typically they’re not easily adjustable. That’s why we like the Mortise Pal mortising jig.
It clamps onto a workpiece as easily as a doweling jig, adjusts in all four directions (it even microadjusts), and has easy-to-see-and-use indexing marks. With this jig, we simply referenced from the same workpiece face—regardless of thickness—and never lost the reliable alignment. Four removable templates make mortises in 1/2, 1, 1-1/2, and 2" lengths, using the same guide bushing and any spiral or straight bit you choose. There’s also an optional doweling template ($10) for this jig that utilizes the same registration markings, so you can rout dead-on dowel holes just as quickly and precisely.

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