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Make high precision joints for drawers, boxes and furniture easier then before with the Woodline USA Route-R-Joint™ System. Half blind, Through, Keys, and even Heart shaped dovetails are simple to create using the new Route-R-Joint™ system. Interchangeable guide templates allow switching from dovetails to heart shaped joints in less time than takes to change a router bit. Amateurs, children and professional woodworkers will enjoy the ease of use, safety and simplicity of the Route-R-Joint™ Dovetail System. No more complicated setups, no having to relearn complex setups after a few days out of the shop. Just put the bit in the jig and get to work.

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Rout standard and decorative joints

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Originally designed to cut decorative (hearts, bears, keys) and box joints in small boxes, this jig has grown into a fully functional multi-joint unit. The through dovetails we cut with it needed very little fine-tuning. You get a lot of versatility with this jig by being able to add new templates from the many available. You also get a DVD to help guide you. Two downsides: You have to buy the optional half-blind (for the pins) and through templates, and those limit you to 3/8"-thick stock.

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