Prazi USA Chestmate Dovetail Jig

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The chestmate dovetail jig allows you to create your own, variable spaced or fixed space dovetail patterns in 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch thick materials by simply cutting saw slots in a guide board, which is then used for indexing. The guide board can be used many times and actually functions as a backing board to help eliminate splintering. The tails are cut using a 3/4-Inch diameter 14-Degree dovetail bit. The pins are cut using a pin guide and 5/16-Inch straight cut bit.

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Prazi USA Chestmate Dovetail Jig

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The Chest Mate dovetail jig helps you create dovetails on boards of any width and space them exactly how you want them. That’s because you fix the spacing by making a storyboard with saw kerfs centered wherever you want a dovetail. Insert Chest Mate’s indexing pin into the kerf and clamp both to your workpiece; then rout a tail. (You provide your own router bits and guide bushing.) Now, move the jig to the next kerf, and repeat.
With the tails all cut, adjust the jig for the pin cut, clamp the same storyboard to the mating workpiece, and rout all your pins. (See a video demo at It’s the ultimate variability at an affordable price.

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