MLCS Through-Dovetail Jig

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An easy to use, inexpensive tool for making classic through dovetails, a joint that is the hallmark of fine craftsmanship. Made of sturdy cast aluminum and cuts 3/4" wide tails, 1 1/8" on center. (Other models available for different sizes.) After a one time initial setup, simply clamp the jig in place on each board, and rout the pins and tails. There is no limit to the length of board you can dovetail, and by shifting the jig, you can create variable spaced or extra wide dovetails. The FREE 5/8" Router Guide Bushing works with any router that has a router baseplate with a 1 3/16" center hole. For other size center holes see #9099 Universal Router Plate, or Router Replacement Bases which allows you to use the brass bushing.

WOOD magazine review

Great value for 14° through dovetails

Review Summary

Similar to the Keller Jig in its design, this MLCS jig proved more difficult to set up and fine-tune, requiring three test cuts to get it right. Nevertheless, once we zeroed it in, it turned out great-fitting joints. Works with a guide bushing to lead the bit through the fingers, rather than a bearing-guided bit, which we prefer. The instruction sheet could be better illustrated.
If you prefer wide tails and pins, choose MLCS model 8713 for the same price, or get either model with 1/4"-shank bits. (But we prefer 1/2"-shank bits for the lower vibration.) Pretty simple once tuned in, and at at unbeatable price. Does not do half-blind dovetails. The 14° dovetails leave a lot of short-grain in the joints, potentially a weaker joint than traditional 7° or 8° dovetails.

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