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The new R9 Plus Joinery System makes fast and accurate routing of Through Dovetails and Box joints. The Plus? The R9 Plus makes 3 sizes of Through Dovetails, all on boards of ANY width! Perfect joint fit is guaranteed and repeatable with the Leigh e10 guidebush. All this, and it works mounted on your bench with a hand held router or with your router table. Designed to keep your initial investment low, we provide the template, clamps, side stop and mounting hardware and you save by making a simple shop made beam to mount it on.

Unlimited Board Width
Rout the first section of the board. Then simply move the template to the next plate position... and keep routing! The precision pin plates and template machining guarantee perfect joint alignment every time.

Through Dovetail Joints Tails and Pins
All boards are positioned against the side stop and the template is quickly and accurately positioned on pin plates mounted on the beam. Simply rotate the template to the Pins mode and rout Through Dovetails in boards from 1/4" to 13/16" thick.

Box Joint Pins and Sockets
Simply rout all of the pins, reposition the template, and rout all the sockets.

Template Positioning
The template has positioning holes that allow it to sit perfectly on top of the raised pin of each pin plate.

WOOD magazine review

Leigh dovetails at a value price

Review Summary

I’ve used Leigh dovetail jigs for years with great success, but the knock on them has always been the premium price. So I was glad to test the R9 jig, simply a template you mount to a thick backer board (that you supply).
With this setup, you can rout through-dovetail and box joints with a handheld router, as shown at right, or template-down with a table-mounted router; both work great. The R9 comes with two adjustable side stops for registering the workpiece’s edge, and three pin plates that mount to the top of the backer board for positioning the machined aluminum template. You can slide it down after routing one set of pins or tails to effectively double the jig’s width capacity without losing registration. The jig makes three sizes of through dovetails (3/8", 7/16", and 1/2" pin widths) in boards up to 13⁄16" thick, as well as three sizes of box joints (3/16", 3/8", and 3/4" finger widths) in boards up to 7/8" thick. As usual, Leigh provides an exceptional owner’s manual, clearly written with illustrated steps. After setting up the jig, I routed a through-dovetail joint—a two-bit setup cut on each side of the jig—that was just a little tight. A slight turn of the guide bushing in your router’s subbase (its slightly elliptical shape lets you adjust the router’s position between the guide fingers, as long as you hold the router the same each time) produced a perfect-fitting joint the second time. Next, I routed box joints. My first attempt was a tad loose, but again, an adjustment of the guide bushing tightened up the next joint perfectly. —Tested by Pat Lowry, WOOD Magazine

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