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Dovetail joints give a lasting symbol of craftsmanship to your work, but many woodworkers avoid the joint due to its apparent complexity. CMT's 12" Dovetail Jig is the fast, easy solution. You simply clamp your workpieces in with the edges against the factory-set stops, set your bit depth, and you're ready to rout. This jig features steel construction throughout - body, templates, stops and clamping bars. The jig accepts stock from 7/16" to 1" thick, and is capable of producing a variety of joints with the available templates. The standard jig includes a template for 1/2" half blind joints, a template guide, a CMT carbide tipped dovetail bit and complete instructions. Optional templates are also available for through-dovetail and box joints.

WOOD magazine review

Color-coded settings help with setup

Review Summary

We found that the color-coded edge stops—which help to position your workpiece quickly and accurately—make setup a snap. The backer boards needed to prevent tear-out must be 1/4" thicker than the workpiece to keep the bits from cutting into the jig. It has lots of small parts (edge stops, template screws) that could easily get lost.
The two manuals (one with illustrations and one with written instructions that refer you to the illustrations) proved very awkward; we'd prefer just one manual with everything in it.

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