Makita Plate Joiner

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* Powerful 5.6 AMP motor delivers 11,000 RPM for quick, precise cutting in a variety of woods
* Rack-and-pinion vertical fence system engineered for accurate fence adjustments
* Cast aluminum pivot fence with three positive stops at 0°, 45° and 90°
* Six depth settings with one-touch stops for #0, #10, and #20 and most common biscuits sizes
* Large and easy-to-operate cam locks for fence adjustments
* Large top grip handle for improved handling
* Slim and ergonomic body design for added comfort
* "Tool-less" blade cover and shaft lock for fast and easy blade changes
* Non-marring rubber inserts on shoe engineered to prevent material from slipping
* Cast aluminum front body for added durability
* Designed for making strong plate joints in a minimum amount of time
* Double insulated

WOOD magazine review

A long-needed update well worth the wait

Review Summary

Makita’s PJ7000 biscuit joiner improves on the performance of its predecessor (model 3901) as detailed in our review of biscuit joiners in WOOD® issue 205 (July 2011):  Though the PJ7000’s fence appears similar, it locks securely and parallel to the workpiece every time, making it much easier to align multiple slots on mating workpieces.  The redesigned depth-stop turret holds its place when plunging multiple times, ensuring slots of equal depth.  Better-gripping rubber bumpers on the nose ke
ep the tool from slipping sideways during cuts.  A streamlined, swiveling dust chute improves dust collection when using the included bag. And it easily connects directly to a 1" shop-vacuum hose.  The slide power switch operates smoothly and can be reached more easily without changing your grip on the tool’s body. However, the scale for positioning the fence height above the blade proved innaccurate by about 1/16", with no way to adjust the scale. We worked around it by marking the slot centerline on the workpiece, eyeballing that mark to the blade centerline on the tool, and then locking the fence in place. (We tested two additional models, and their scales were off by 1/32". A Makita representative said the company is looking into resolving this.)

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