Lamello Top 21 Biscuit Joiner

Top 21


One of the new features of the Top 21 is that the swiveling front stop and the front stop square are now designed to be flush on both sides of the machine. This first ever flush base plate allows for easy and fast alignment of the Top 21 machine to the side of the work piece in all positions including tight corners.

The measuring guide for angle and height adjustment is now placed so that both can be set from the same viewpoint. The base plate is still equipped, however, with Lamello’s same proven slide system to ensure life long accuracy in rendering precise parallel grooves for perfect alignment of the work pieces. Flat application on the work piece is guaranteed by the precision-machined reference surfaces on the base plate. The results are perfectly cut and matching work pieces.

The new multifunctional stop square with precise guidance can be slid onto the base plate, making the application surface larger for more accurate vertical use. It also allows for perfect alignment of the outside edge of miter joints in work pieces of varying thickness.

The new electronically controlled 800-Watt motor includes a soft start function, speed control, and overload and start protection. This powerful SMART motor ensures even faster precision groove cutting in all materials. This next generation in biscuit joiner motors is very easy to maintain and repair. Spare parts such as carbon brushes, switches or electronic parts are easily changed without tools by simply pulling off the motor cap.

Additional features on the new Top 21 include the height adjustable cutter (Step Memory System) of the Top 20 series to adjust groove position to exact center of the work-piece and for individual positioning of the groove, the ability to do 0 to 135 degree miters, a precision groove cutter with scoring teeth, optimized fan, dust bag and the sturdy wooden Lamello case.

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