Freud Replacement Blades

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* A direct replacement for worn out OEM blades for biscuit jointers
* The Freud FI100 blade has six teeth
* The Freud FI102 blade has eight teeth

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Freud FI100 Replacement biscuit jointer blade

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OEM blades on biscuit jointers almost always sport small carbide teeth without much of a side relief grind. After a couple of years' worth of heavy use they need to be replaced - just like every other blade would in our shops. Freud manufactures either a six tooth blade (their part number FI100) or an eight tooth blade (part number FI102).
Both sport seriously bigger carbide teeth than OEM blades, and also have good side relief grinds to let them move through the wood easier and cooler. In use these blades bring a whole new life to your biscuit jointers. Old and dull blades make the machines hard to plunge through the wood. These blades make your biscuit jointer perform better than new. It is worth noting that the blade body of the Freud blades is just a hair thinner than at least Porter Cable's OEM blades. Installation of the new blade did require a couple of moment's work on the central blade arbor with a Dremel tool. I took a couple of thousandths off of the top edge of the rim of my PC 557's drive arbor, letting the retaining cap sit down directly onto the body of the new blade. It's not hard and did only take half a minute or so to perform. But it is worth noting that this procedure was mandatory before the blade would work correctly. At the end of the day the Freud replacement blade was exactly what my PC557 needed. (As a sidebar note - the blades are actually chrome colored, not black as pictured. They hold up a black backdrop above the reflective chrome to make the blade appear black for the photo, 'cuz let's face it - - chrome is hard to photograph!)

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