Craftsman Biscuit Joiner

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Powerful 6-amp motor and 10,000-RPM (no load) speed for fast, clean cuts. Trigger switch, contoured rear handle and a front assist handle. Adjustable front fence with rack and pinion for accurate depth adjustment and bevel scales. Nonslip vertical fence. Three-position depth of cut setting with microfine adjustment for #0, # 10 & #20 biscuits. Includes 10 ft. cord with cord clip.
• Chip collection reduces clean-up (removable dust bag).
• Helical gearing provides smooth power transfer to cutter.
• Nonslip vertical fence provides positive contact with work surface and prevents slippage.

WOOD magazine review

High handle makes plunging awkward

Review Summary

With a unique, pistol-grip handle, this model performed decently. A plastic insert in the center of the fence has helpful alignment markings, but this insert seems flimsy and could easily break. It features a vertical motor with helical gears that places the pistol-grip trigger about 4" above the blade—elevating the point where you control the tool—and makes plunging the blade awkward. It's too easy to tilt the machine when plunging and accidentally widen the biscuit slot.
And the 8-tooth blade proves a little harder to plunge into the wood compared to 6-tooth blades on other biscuit joiners. It's also a heavy tool (8-1/2 lbs) for a tool that's meant for finesse joinery. Dust collection proved rather good, though, because the port is located at the rear of the tool rather than at the side.

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