Sigma Power ceramic waterstones 1000-6000-13000 special set

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Sigma Power
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Sigma Power is not exactly a common name outside of Japan, they are held in high regard with their rapid sharpening and ease of use.

While these stones are not available in a wide range of grits, they allow you to 'skip a grit' which means that you can go from quite a coarse stone to a much finer stone that will remove the deeper scratches left by the coarser stone because of their rapid cutting speed.

The lower grit stones are generally very hard in composition, and yet still cut aggressively so your work is done quickly. They are highly resistant to dishing, but do require a short soak of 1-2 minutes prior to use. The stone should be damp, but not wet for the best performance.

The finer grit stones do not require soaking, but some standing water on the surface of the stone for a few seconds is recommended. These fine grit stones are a little softer than the very hard medium and coarse stones, but share the same fast action and strong dish resistance.

Available in standard sizes and 'extra large' versions, these are waterstones designed to make the job of sharpening fast, easy and worry free.

When an tool or knife's edge geometry needs correcting, the #1000 stone will restore it quickly, effectively and with minimal dishing.

To refine the edge, the Sigma Power #6000 gets the job done with a minimum of fuss, and leaves the edge sharp enough for everyday tasks.

When the edge needs to be sharper than merely 'sharp', the #13000 takes the edge to a level rarely seen in manufactured whetstones, and sharp enough for nearly any task you may encounter, be it final finish planing, a paring chisel, fine cutlery or even straight razors.

The Suehiro tray keeps mess to a minimum, being large enough to catch drips and sharpening slurry, small enough to handy and with rubber feet and inserts to prevent it and the stones being used with it from sliding around, it's the one piece of gear that is the first to be taken out, the last to be put away.

And to flatten the stones, the Atoma 'Economy' #400 works quickly, resists clogging and makes stones very, very flat. There are many choices and methods when it comes to flattening stones, and the Atoma #400 is one of the best.

In fact, the Atoma is so good at keeping your stones flat, it's included at a significantly the price in this special set.

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Sigma Power ceramic waterstones 1000-6000-13000 special set

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My own personal 'every day' sharpening set consists of 3 Sigma Power ceramic whetstones in #1000 (hard), #6000 and #13000 grits, a Suehiro 'free size' stone tray and an Atoma Economy #400 grit diamond plate. Of all the #1000 grit stones I've used and have available to me, this is the one I almost always reach for. Please note that the #6000 and #13000 stones are now available together as a combo stone. (Note; the Atoma #400 included is the baseless version.)

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