DMT Dia-Flat Lapping Plate

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Dia-Flat™ Lapping Plate designed to easily flatten all conventional and waterstones in less time than other methods.
Using the new revolutionary DMT® Diamond Hardcoat Technology™, this lapping plate outlasts any other diamond coating in the market. With a consistent, aggressive diamond surface and precision ground, hand certified flat to +/- 0.0005”, the Dia-Flat™ Lapping Plate assures precise results when flattening stones. It's extra-large surface area makes it easy to use.

Size: 10" x 4" x 0.375" (254mm x 102mm x 10mm)

On a special order basis, DMT is offering a 95 micron / 160 mesh lapping plate made with the same Diamond Hardcoat Technology™ and precision ground, hand certified flat to +/- 0.0005" plate as the standard Diaflat™ Model.

WOOD magazine review

Flatten hand tools and sharpening stones fast

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As a big fan of hand tools—some co-workers accuse me of never plugging in a tool—I really appreciate how DMT’s Dia-Flat lapping plate saves me time when flattening and sharpening chisels, planes, and plane irons. This 4×10" diamond-coated steel bar lets me flatten a new plane’s sole or dished-out waterstones, ceramic stones, and even hard-as-a-rock (pun intended) oilstones in less time than it takes with other lapping media.
And without flat stones, you’ll never put a perfect edge onto your tools. The 120-grit diamond abrasive cuts quickly without clogging, and doesn’t leave deep scratches. After using it, I simply rinse it off, pat it with a towel, and allow it to air-dry to prevent rust. Best of all, after months of use it still cuts as fast and effectively as it did when new. —Tested by John Olson, Design Editor

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