Mr. Heater Hero Cordless Propane Heater

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Mr. Heater’s cordless forced-air propane heater delivers up to 8 hours of warmth from an internal rechargeable battery. From remote fields to garages, from tailgating to construction sites, the Mr. Heater HERO provides powerful, quiet spot heat wherever you need it.

» 35,000 BTU/HR
» Built in rechargeable battery.
» Runs up to 8 hours per charge
» Recharges in 5 hours
» Operates while charging
» Runs up to 12 hours on a 20 lb. tank
» Heats up to 800 square feet
» 50% quieter than a standard heater
» Weight: 12 lbs

WOOD magazine review

Cordless heat at the ready

Review Summary

The Hero is a respectable little heater that burns propane, but it must be tethered to a 20-lb (minimum) tank. Everything you need comes with the heater except the tank, but it's as easy as hooking up one to your gas grill. In fact, since I don't do much grilling in the wintertime, I just used the one from my grill, since there's likely to not be any overlapping seasons where I'd use both.
The Hero heated most of my two-car-garage shop, raising the temperature 20° in about 20 minutes. But that's about all I'd care to run it without venting it to the outside somehow, and it's not set up with a vent. It was enough to take the chill off, but not enough to heat my tools and wood. The battery does indeed work for long periods of time without needing recharged, so I could see this being a good heat source for a tailgate party or for brief periods in a tent (again, you'll need ventilation). With the first-generation model (in 2011) I had regular trouble getting the striker to light the gas, sometimes taking 20-25 pushes before it would light—I don't like that because all that time gas is passing through the orifice. But when I tried the second-generation (2012), it performs superbly with an automatic ignitor that fired the burner first time every time, and it keeps sparking until the thermocouple gives it the "okay" to stop. At that point I could let go of the switch and it would burn on its own. I'm wary of the open front on the burner because tiny sparks do occasionally spit out onto the floor. So you have to be absolutely sure the area around it is clear of sawdust and other combustibles. But overall, I like the second-generation version of this unit for a small shop. —Tested by Bob Hunter, WOOD Magazine Tools Editor

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