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Dyna-Glo 80,000 BTU portable propane (LP) heater is designed to provide a consistent, long term solution for spaces up to 2,000 square feet. Ideal for homeowner workshops or construction sites, and this convection heater will operate using a standard 20 lb. liquid propane tank (tank not included), no electricity required for operation. Regulator and hose assembly included. Not for use in residential living areas or in inadequately ventilated areas. Proper ventilation required during operation.

Features: Continuously variable BTU's, 360-degree heat radius, inner windshield, 2-Piece Knockdown Burn Chamber, auto-safety shutoff, large sturdy base to prevents tipping, 1-Hand Piezo ignition regulator

CSA Certified

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This thing can kill you...

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I've owned or used propane burning heating units for decades. There's really not much to them. Hook them up to a tank, release the gas from the tank and at the burner unit you turn the knob. In theory it's supposed to be no muss, no fuss. But not here, folks. This unit could send you to your grave. It plumes gas inside the combustion chamber when it continually refuses to light. It can take ten to fifteen clicks of the piezo spark to ignite the gas.
Each click attempt has required that you admit more and more gas into the chamber. By the time it does catch you've introduced a great deal of propane gas into the combustion area. Inevitably, once it does light it produces a genuine explosion. As in, all the hair on my right hand and forearm is now gone, my eyebrows were singed as half of my body was enveloped by burning propane gas. I can't stress highly enough to stay away from this unit. Stay safe and go with another brand instead. The only reason this unit earned a 1 across the board is that the system wouldn't allow me to put in a zero.

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