Rockler 4' Universal T-Track

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4 ft.


Four feet of t-track with mounting holes drilled every 4 inches.

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Pretty blue t-track, How Special !

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Seriously, I use a good deal of this track for making jigs to enhance my woodworking abilities. Rocklers t-track is sturdy and has a low enough profile so that you can use it in 3/4" sheet stock with some effort to attach it properly. I like that it also comes pre-drilled every 4 inches for mounting with screws.
I found it easiest to mount on 3/4 inch sheet stock buy using wood screws all the way through the wood and then cutting or grinding off that portion of screw which protrudes through. I use glue (Rue glue) along with the screws for extra strength.The slot in the t-track will accommodate most any type of attachment hardware available on the market including your average 1/4 inch bolt head. I would have given it 5 stars had the price been lower. You can go to your local metal supply shop in town and purchase an aluminum 3/4 x 3/8 inch u channel( for a miter track) for 3 or 4 dollars, so when your paying 15.00 to 25.00 for these, they seem very much overpriced, only problem is you can't find the t- track at the local metal shop,and I haven't found this nice of t-track for a better price than when Rockler has it on sale.

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