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Blum Concealed Hinges

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120 Degree


Get three-way adjustability in face frame applications! 120° swing opening. CLIP top hinges include sleek metal caps to cover both hinge arm and cup mounting screws. Includes three way adjustment.

See optional Blumotion Soft Close System for silent and cushioned door closure.

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These are the hinges used by most all cabinet makers. They are the preferred brand due to their quality and reliability. If you've never used them before there is a little learning cure, since they involve drilling a 35 millimeter hole on the back of the door, to install them in. Plus they come in many styles and types. They can be used on an inset or layover doors mounted on face frames or just the cabinet side with no face frames( European cabinets).
So you need to know the right hinge to acquire for your application. Most cabinet makers who use these on a cabinet carcass with face stick with a 110 degree opening model and purchase the auxiliary face frame clip that determines the amount of set back or layover they need. Once you get used to using these you'll rarely use any other type. They are highly adjustable after installation and you can take the door off and reinstall in seconds without undoing any screws. They can also be purchased in a soft close style as well. I buy them at a cabinet hardware supply house for around $2.50 with hinge and face frame clip. You can also find them on line for close to this price. You can drill the holes on your drill press or purchase a special jig to drill them with your hand drill. See my review on the Rockler concealed hinge drilling jig and the Summerfield jig as well.

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