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Vaughan 12 oz. soft-face mallet



  • Vaughan SF12 12 Oz soft face hammer features soft and hard rubber tips. Tips are replaceable. The forged head provides extra driving power.

  • Forged steel 12-oz head provides extra driving power

  • Supplied with 2 faces: soft (red) and hard (yellow)
  • Hickory handle
  • Sure-Lock wedged
  • Made in USA
  • Beautifully balanced light two faced hammer- 12 1/2" long
  • Comes with two replaceable soft faces, one soft (red), one hard (yellow), 1 3/8" face diameter
  • Flame-treated hickory handle
  • Handle is triple wedged in tapered eye, and epoxy sealed for "Sure-Lock" handle tightness
  • Computer designed for superior balance to reduce fatigue

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