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Veritas Double-Edge Flush Pull Saw

WOOD magazine rating
Lee Valley


The Kugihiki flush-trims projections, such as screw plugs and the wedges or pins securing a tenon, without damaging the adjacent surface. The 4-3/4" long flexible blade is about 1-1/4" deep and has 26 fleam-tipped teeth per inch that leave a smooth finish but cut quickly. There is no tooth set, allowing you to approach work from either direction in confined space.

WOOD magazine review

Veritas Double-Edge Flush Japanese Pull Saw

Review Summary

We confess that we’d had little luck when using the kugihiki saw in the WOOD®magazine shop. In fact, we’d pretty much written off the “no-marring” concept of a zero-set saw as overrated until we tried the Veritas Double-Edge Flush Saw. Its stiffer blade resists distorting during the cut, but still flexes enough to press flat against the workpiece. And the top-set teeth (the blade warns: “this side up”) cut aggressively to prevent binding—another problem with other flush saws.
To test this saw, we drilled and dowel-plugged several holes in easy-to-scratch obeche plywood. We quickly trimmed a dozen dowels without marring the surrounding surface. Impressed, we pulled a piece of polyurethane-finished red oak from the scrap bin and repeated the test, again without leaving so much as a scratch in the finish. This saw cuts equally well left- or right-handed and far exceeded our expectations. And although its blade isn’t removable, the low price makes it easy to replace the whole saw.

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