Lie-Nielsen Large Shoulder Plane



This all-metal shoulder plane is based on the Record 073, which in turn was based on a Preston model. The tool is 8¼" (20.95cm) long, with a 1¼" (3.17cm) x .140" (3.55mm) thick blade. The body is cast from ductile iron, the lever cap is Bronze. Weighs 4 lbs.

The captive-nut blade adjustment is very positive. Adjustable mouth and locking screws are large and convenient. The mouth adjustment screw is captured in the toe piece and threaded into the body. Therefore, it adjusts the mouth both when turned in and when turned out, unlike the original.

The body is precisely ground flat and square — an essential feature for a shoulder plane. The blade is .005" (.127mm) wider than the body, bedded at 18° with a 25° bevel.

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