Clifton 3/4" Shoulder Plane

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Clifton is known for crafting some of the finest shoulder (rebate) planes on the market. Clifton offers premium quality planes at a reasonable price. The No. 420 Shoulder Plane is 3/4" wide, light and highly accurate, based on the design of the classic Preston series of the early 1900s. With its exceptionally fine mouth, you will find this plane to be an excellent choice for trimming rabbets, tenons and other fine joinery details. The No. 420 is finely crafted and carefully machined to a high standard. The 8"-long body is made from quality iron casting and precision ground on the sole and sides. The lever arm is made of unbreakable malleable iron and fits snugly into the body of the plane. The iron sits smoothly onto the machined pads in the body (19 degree bed angle) and is easily adjusted by means of a screw. The iron, featuring a 25 degree bevel, is made from high quality oil hardened tool steel. Crafted in England to an excellent level of precision and finish. Weighs 2.5 lbs.

WOOD magazine review

Classic design, solidly built

Review Summary

Based on the classic Preston shoulder plane and a near-twin of the Lie-Nielsen medium shoulder plane, the Clifton 420 is a solid, well-machined tool. Its sole was flat and sides square right out of the box. All adjustments were easy to make, but the rooster-tail handle made this plane not as comfortable to hold and use compared to other models. The blade is not as easy to sharpen as some.

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