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Grizzly Smoothing Plane

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Used for final finishing work, this plane has a perfectly flat sole that will smooth any wood surface. Features include rosewood handles and knobs, full plane iron adjustments, cast iron bases, frog and lever caps, chip breakers and knurled brass adjusting nuts. Ground serrated sole improves sliding action by reducing resistance. Beautifully made with precision fit and finish.

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There are a lot of hand planes on the market now and many of them are very costly. I read on Amazon where one person received an off brand lesser expensive plane as a gift from his wife. So to not offend her he purchased a higher quality blade and installed it. To his amazement he ended up liking it so much it became his go to plane. So I though I would try this too.
And guess what, I have had this same experience with this plane, except that I haven't even installed the higher quality blade yet. This plane works very well and was accurate right out of the box. The picture in their catalog shows a lever style blade release but mine came with a knob that you screw on and off and I actually like this better. It seems more solid and you can cinch it down tighter. Maybe we are all just being conned into buying these very expensive planes. This one makes whisper shavings, so for now I'm not particularly motivated to put out the higher price for these supposedly higher quality planes. But then maybe I'm just lucky!

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