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Lie-Nielsen 9.5 Block Plane

No. 9-1/2


These Iron Block Planes are 6¼" long with a 1-3/8" (3.49cm) x 1/8" (3.17mm) thick blade. Bodies are surface ground flat and square to a tolerance of less than .001" (.0254mm), and feature a moveable shoe to allow precise, easy control over the mouth opening in front of the blade. You can easily adjust the tool to suit the work being done — a very fine mouth setting for finishing work and the merest shavings, or an ample opening for rank cuts.

The Bronze cap iron is large and comfortable. It is tensioned with a 1½" (3.81cm) Brass spinwheel. Like our other Block Planes, the blade is adjusted with a captive nut for precise control with minimal backlash. Blade on the Low Angle tool is bedded at 12°, the Standard Angle at 20°. Blades are ground with a 25° flat bevel.

This tool is versatile, of a convenient size, and cuts with the authority of 1½ pounds behind every stroke. Useful for every sort of woodworking job. An ideal companion to the Low Angle Jack Plane.

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