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Veritas No. 6 Fore Plane

Lee Valley/Veritas


The #6 fore plane is ideal for smoothing and flattening large surfaces, such as panels, tabletops and workbench tops. The long sole ensures accurate results, as it will not follow the bumps and valleys that a shorter plane would. This is one of Lee Valley/Veritas' largest bench planes, with a sole 18" long and blade 2-3/8" wide. Its weight is just under 6-3/4 lbs. It incorporates a unique frog that extends all the way to the sole of the plane to eliminate blade chatter and allow the user to quickly adjust the mouth as required. It can be closed to a narrow slit for fine shavings with minimum tear-out, or opened for heavier cuts. All of this is done without having to remove the lever cap or anything else from the plane; simply loosen a pair of screws and dial the desired opening with a thumbwheel.

The body and frog are ductile cast iron and are fully stress relieved. The wings and sole are accurately machined and surface ground. The extra-large side wings make for stable shooting. The blade is lapped, a full 1/8" thick and made of your choice of A2 or O1 tool steel. Both the hardwood front knob and tote are generous in size for a comfortable grip with good control. The combined feed and lateral adjust lever makes blade setting easy and accurate.

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