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Veritas Bevel-Up Smoothing Plane

Lee Valley/Veritas


Lee Valley has combined the generous width and weight of a dedicated smoother with the versatile inner workings of a low-angle bevel-up plane. The 12° bed angle, coupled with the 38° blade bevel, yields an effective cutting angle of 50°, what is commonly known as a York pitch. This is an ideal starting angle for minimizing tear-out when working difficult wood. It is easy to create a higher microbevel angle for very difficult grains.

The ductile-cast-iron body is fully stress-relieved, and has a 12° bed angle similar to a low-angle block plane. Accurately machined, the sole is flat. The adjustable mouth can be closed to a narrow slit for fine shavings with minimum tear-out or opened for heavier cuts. A stop-screw in the throat adjusts to whatever mouth opening you find ideal for chip breaking and chip clearance. This lets you open the mouth fully for blade removal (for honing) and replacement, yet quickly restores your exact mouth setting. The large wooden front knob and rear handle provide both comfort and excellent control. The adjustment mechanism, with its combined feed and lateral adjustment knob, makes blade setting easy and accurate. Setscrews prevent the blade from shifting, but allow full lateral adjustment.

It weighs in at just under 5 lbs, with a low center of gravity. Lee Valley calls this plane a No. 164-1/2H. It is a good choice for even the most demanding reversing grains, where even higher bevel angles are required to eliminate tear-out. The coffin-shaped body has a sole length of 10" and a width of 3-1/8". It includes a lapped 38° blade, 2-1/4" wide, 3/16" (0.187") thick, made of your choice of A2 or O1 tool steel. Blade is the same size as other Veritas bevel-up planes, allowing blades of various bevel angles to be interchanged between planes.

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